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Alive Communications are dedicated in creating a safe and fun environment for all types of groups; youth groups, teams, corporates & school groups.

We have a full range of activities and spaces to create the perfect experience tailored specifically to your group.

Training Courses

Choose from a range of topics to build your team’s skills. Workshop options include:

  • Communication skills

  • Redesigning work for hybrid teams

  • Customer excellence for retail

  • Mindfulness

  • Neuro-agility

  • Developing emotional intelligence

  • Building resilience

  • Living with and learning from trauma

Room Hire

If you just want to hire our new and very funky space, get in touch today.

We have created the Claire Kirk Building to be a multi-functional space for private groups such as youth and school groups, corporate teams and other exclusive group activities to use. It has several amazing features:

• Newly installed showers and changing rooms

• Creative office space

• E-Bike hire and showroom

Surf Lessons

Combine your day with a combination of surf lessons, paddleboarding, kayak tours and many other beach based activities.

We believe surfing is a sport for absolutely everybody no matter age, shape, size or fitness. Our classes are suitable for kids from five years and upwards, there is no upper age limit. Our record is seventy-seven years old and we hope to break it this year! Alive Adventures also runs regular classes for families and people with learning difficulties so please get in touch to find out more.


Why not tour the Causeway Coast in style with our Nevo 3 or Load 75 Cargo eBikes! You’ll be able to explore the natural beauty of Causeway Coast from the historical Dunluce Castle and Bushmills Distillery to The Giants Causeway and Ballintoy harbour!

Presentation Skills

If you want to have impact when you present at work, it’s important that you have a clear message

and a connection with your audience. Yet if you’re like many people, anxiety stops your true self

from showing up! In this fun, interactive workshop, you’ll learn key techniques to:

  •  Manage your nerves

  •  Develop your own authentic speaker presence

  •  Curate content that engages your audiences

Complete Packages

At Alive we believe in collaboration and we have some great partners who can offer a complete package deal to include meals and accommodation.  Why not tell us about your ideas and let us build a full package to meet all your requirements.


Project Management



Alive Scavenger


'Alive Scavenger Hunts have been carefully developed to maximise all aspects of team building and to create synergy within a group of individuals.


Our hunts are a fantastic opportunity to promote interaction and communication, are completely inclusive and cater to all ages and abilities.


The group is firstly split into teams, each team will then be given their 'hunt' with the rules carefully explained. Hunts have several aspects that will challenge each team to work together, plan, organise, communicate and most importantly get back to having fun and being face-to-face with other human beings!


Time Management





Exceeding All Expectations

Hunts are tailor-made for each group in the location of choice. Our base is in Portrush which is a fantastic venue in the town centre that includes conference and kitchen facilities as well as hot showers and changing. I highly recommend Portrush as a fantastic location for  your team-building experience. We can organise everything you need including lunch, dinner and even accommodation. A hunt can last anywhere from 2 hours to three days depending on your requirements!'

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